Greg Cozzart

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Vice President

Greg joined Brandicorp in September 1999. Greg is a certified operator and responsible for the day-to-day operations of Brandicorp’s Arby’s, Long John Silver’s and its BP Gas Station operations. He is also a certified operator of Burget King and Hampton Hotels. He has received many awards in the restaurant and hotel industry including Operator of the Year, 5 Star award winner, Triple Ace Operator Award, and many Excellence in Operations awards, and the 2014 Hamilton County Clean Kitchen award.

He also serves as Vice President for the company’s Residential Real Estate Development division. Greg has spent the last six years developing and operating the company’s residential real estate, where he and his team have purchased and rehabbed over 100 homes in the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati Area. His Real Estate team focuses mainly on homes in historic areas. He has received many letters of accommodation from mayors and city leaders for his work in the areas of historic preservation.

Prior to joining Brandicorp, Greg served as Vice President of Restaurant Management Inc., a Cincinnati-based Arby’s Operator where he was in charge of the company’s 85 stores in 5 states.

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